Bright Red Pixels

Around the World for Free

CBS, AT&T, American Airlines

Bright Red Pixels developed the web and social media components for this web-based CBS reality show. We built a groundbreaking interactive map application that empowers users to interact with host Jeff Schroeder in real-time anywhere in the world. We also developed the Facebook game Hometown Challenge, where users earn points and badges for correctly identifying their friends' hometowns in a map based game interface.

TV in a Flash


Bright Red Pixels created and currently produces TV in a Flash,'s weekly primetime recap show. Blending "tv geek" with "web chic," host Julie Alexandria (MTV/Versus/SNY) runs down the bests clips of the week throughout the television season. Distributed across the web, CBS Radio, and the video screens in Times Square, this ongoing series has generated millions of views and brand impressions. Along with the show, Bright Red developed a twitter poll web app that allows users to vote in a weekly poll and seamlessly publish comments to their Twitter feed. Our show feed, @tvinaflash, is now one of the top resources for news and conversation around all things TV on Twitter.

Spirit of Friday Night


Spirit of Friday Night was a branded multi-platform extension for CBS's Friday night primetime lineup. Bright Red produced and directed this dynamic documentary series featuring Allison Dubois and Mary Ann Winkowski, the real-life inspirations for Medium and Ghost Whisperer, respectively. Along with intimate portraits of the "mediums" themselves, the episodes featured interviews with the shows' stars and on-screen integration of GMC vehicles.

Innovation Series

Business Insider

The Innovation Series, hosted by Business Insider editor-in-chief Henry Blodget, examines the next frontier of business through in-depth interviews with innovators and entrepreneurs including Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Marc Andreessen (Netscape), and Maria Bartiromo (CNBC). Bright Red Pixels produced.

The Way of the Brisk

Lipton Brisk Iced Tea, Funny or Die

A foot-tall puppet terrorizes MMA Champ Chuck Liddell in this live action/stop-motion animated short film. The project was a branded entertainment initiative for Lipton/Brisk Iced Tea and Funny or Die. As the production company, Bright Red produced and directed the project, and developed an online Way of the Brisk video game as a companion to the film.

CBS News

Bright Red created this critically acclaimed, webby-nominated daily news show as one of the first entries into the new world of interactive reportage. With over 100 episodes, 2.5mm monthly views, an active community of 75k, and partnerships from the blogosphere to 60 Minutes, this videoblog style show was way ahead of its time.

Fantasy Camp

MLB Players Association, Funny or Die

Baseball All-stars Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard star as themselves in this Funny or Die video about a baseball fantasy camp featuring karaoke contests, frozen pea batting practice, and multiple pies in the face. Bright Red Pixels wrote, directed and produced.


Web Start-up sold to CBS

Bright Red created Wallstrip, one of the great hit shows of the web video revolution. The comedic finance webshow blended stock culture and pop culture with daily episodes ranging from studio segments to SNL-style skits. We produced more than 800 episodes over three years. In 2007, CBS acquired Wallstrip, making it the first web video property to be purchased by a major media company. pbs autodesk gm planworks mlb players association
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In 2006, we were on the forefront of the web video revolution, creating one of the first hit web shows: Wallstrip.

We sold our company to CBS in 2007 and joined the network's interactive division full time.

At CBS, we worked with brands, network executives, and showrunners to create original branded entertainment properties and network show extensions.

We built a technology unit to create web apps, mobile apps, games, and social media tools for branded campaigns.

Now an independent studio, we work closely with network, brand, and technology partners to push the social entertainment envelope.